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Announcing HelpDeskPower™
No hardware or software to download, install, or maintain. No hosting required. Now anyone can easily add fast, user-friendly, and cost-effective support channels to anything, anywhere, anytime. Use HelpDeskPower™ for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, mashups, software, enterprise procedures, office workflow, staff-student procedures, and anything else that can be described, combining various self-help resources and ticket support.

HelpDeskPower, developed by NMA, Inc. is the world's first on-demand Web 2.0 help desk automation solution that works also without JavaScript, enabling user accessibility. HelpDeskPower works with PC, Mac, and Linux, behind company firewalls, in the mobile web, and in compliance with assistive technologies satisfying Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, the U.S. ADA, and the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. HelpDeskPower™ prevents phishing, spam, spoofing, and other security risks.

See HelpDeskPower™ in Action
We have a number of advanced demos in action, with real customers and users in real situations. Please visit the links below and see for your yourself the benefits of using HelpDeskPower™ to implement a support center:

Safevote™ Support Center
Safevote is a leader in voting technology and provides on-demand online voting services worldwide, including in the US, Brazil, Sweden, the UK, France, Spain, India, and Africa. Safevote customers and their customers' users, the voters, need support 24/7.

The Safevote Support Center uses HelpDeskPower™ to provide immediate help on online voting procedures and questions, for election administration and voters alike. HelpDeskPower™, integrated with Safevote's election process, has reduced by more than 50% the need for pre-sales and post-sales support tickets. Voters' questions can be directed by their election managers to the Safevote Support Center, reducing the work of Safevote's customers in election management and further improving the election experience.

ZSentry™ Support Center
Secure Email ZSentry Mail is the world's first usable and standards-compliant secure email for PC and mobile web. Zmail works without ever exposing the customers' private data, passwords, keys, or data, providing an on-demand secure email interface that works with any email address and software. Since 2004, Zmail is used for valuable secure communications, including messages between patients and health care providers, that need support 24/7.

The Zmail Support Center was implemented using HelpDeskPower™ to provide immediate help on secure email procedures and questions, for senders and recipients of Zmail. HelpDeskPower™ allows Zmail to provide immediate help to all users, including no-charge users of Zmail Basic, for email recipients and personal use. Users who cannot find themselves the answers to their needs and need urgent help such as, for example, users who have lost their passwords and cannot login, can easily submit a support ticket for a prompt solution.

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